Squinting at a computer screen for all or most of the workday before coming home to spend multiple hours on your phone or tablet for recreation is the norm these days. However, so much screen time can be very hard on the eyes, leading to a condition known as computer vision. If you live in or near Liberty, MO, and think you may be struggling with computer vision, Wegener Optometrists can help.

What Is Computer Vision?

Even those who’ve never experienced eye issues before might eventually find themselves struggling after two or more hours of screen time. However, you don’t want to simply ignore even mild symptoms. The signs you’re developing computer vision may feel like minor irritations at first, but they can get worse over time and lead to additional problems if left untreated. Examples include:

  • Dry, red, or scratchy eyes
  • Blurred or fuzzy vision
  • Headaches, neck pain, or shoulder pain
  • Strained or uncomfortable eyes

How Is Computer Vision Diagnosed?

The severity of your case of computer vision syndrome will depend on a variety of factors. How much screen time do you log on average each day? What is your posture like? Do you already have vision problems or conditions that may eventually cause eye strain? The lighting in your workspace, level of glare on your screen, and similar factors matter as well.

Our eye doctor will consider all of these things as well as listen to you describe your symptoms. We will test your visual acuity, eye-focus, and eye coordination. We will use this information to determine if corrective lenses will improve your condition.

What’s Involved in Computer Vision Treatment?

Once our doctor has a good read on your condition, he’ll go over a potential course of treatment with you. If you already wear glasses or contacts, a more computer-friendly prescription may be recommended. If you don’t, you may be prescribed a special pair to wear while using the computer.

Our doctor will also make recommendations to your working environment that can help you even more. Examples include adjustments to your monitor angle, posture, and any additional lighting in the room where you usually work. Frequent breaks are also an important part of minimizing eye strain.

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You only get one set of eyes in life, so you must take care of yourself. That means having the right optometrist in your corner and seeking treatment any time you’re having trouble with your eyes. Call Wegener Optometrists today at (816) 781-0500 for more information on computer vision syndrome or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor.