Glasses are not for everyone. They can interfere with our hobbies or profession, and can be cumbersome with certain types of prescriptions. At Wegener Optometrists, we work to ensure you have the corrective vision solution that works for you. Contact lens exams ensure you have not only the right prescription but also the right fit – something an online ‘eye exam’ will never be able to do for you. We have worked with many throughout Liberty and the greater Kansas City area to ensure they have contact lenses they love – and we look forward to finding a solution for you, too.

Special COVID Considerations

With mandatory mask wearing, many Americans have found themselves annoyed by the constant fogging of glasses at work, school, or in public. This may be the right time for you to consider contact lenses for yourself or your children if you never have before. In fact, individuals with high strength glasses generally like their vision better in contact lenses when compared to glasses. Today is a great opportunity for you to try something new!

When properly cared for, contact lenses do not increase your risk of contracting COVID-19, contrary to some news releases that may have inferred otherwise.

Why Contact Lens Exams are Important

Optometrists are the experts when it comes to contact lenses. You cannot simply buy contacts off the shelf, even if you have a prescription for eyeglasses. Contact lens prescriptions can vary widely, particularly if you have astigmatism.

Contact lens exams ensure that you are getting contacts that will fit comfortably all day or all month. We will establish whether you are nearsighted or farsighted. If you want cosmetic lenses, we can help you choose ones that will transform your eye color or even costume contact lenses to get your look just right.

If you have never worn contacts before, you might have questions. How are they put into place? What is the care involved with contacts? How often do they have to be changed? When you come in for an exam, we can answer all your questions and provide you with comprehensive training on how the contacts are put in, taken out, and cared for.

What to Expect from an Appointment

During an appointment, we will take the time to evaluate your eyes. This includes determining the level of vision correction that is needed. We will establish a prescription and determine if there is an astigmatism present. We will also use the necessary instruments to take measurements of your eye. This ensures that you have contact lenses that will fit your eye like a glove. This is like what is done when you wear glasses, but it is a closer fit since the lenses rest directly on the eye and requires a microscopic examination.

Not all contact brands are the same. We will give you samples to help us find the right fit before finalizing any contact lens prescriptions. Some contacts need to be changed daily while others must be changed out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

We will also talk to you about your lifestyle to ensure you get the right contacts. If you suffer from allergies, dry eye, or anything else, we will need to know to make the best recommendations.

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Dr. Wegener is our resident contact lens specialist and enjoys finding solutions for patients who have historically experienced difficulty with contact lenses.

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