Let’s get right to it. We use our eyes today in ways they were never intended. 30 years ago, one pair of glasses would take care of all your visual needs on a daily basis. Technological innovation has placed a computer on every desk, and a smart device for each hand. While incredible, this does not come without consequence.

Our demands on vision have shifted from gazing primarily at the horizon to now gazing at a screen within arms’ reach for a signficant portion of the day. For most of society, the only time we really spend looking at a far distance is the commute to and from the office.

As such, more and more people every day experience more strain on their visual system than their individual system can handle. Our doctors will take the time to ensure your needs are fully addressed and you are confident in the solution. We will educate you on the benefits of blue-blocking vs blue-absorbing technology, transitions lenses, progressive lenses, and proper lens design to ensure optimal vision performance and comfort.

Our optical is here to make you look as great as you see in your new glasses. Whether you need function or fashion, flash or class, or just a backup pair, we will make sure you love your new look!

No appointment is needed to be fitted and counselled in our optical.